My Impossible list.


Defining the “Impossible” list

The Impossible list is a great motivational tool first inspired by Joel Runyon ! This list as Joel empathises, is a challenge and not a regular “to do list” with simple step by steps goals.  Also is an ever-evolving list of experiences which’s always growing and will help you and others and implore you to take right action and of course make you extremely happy as you grow the list!!

My list is of course very personal and you can (I encourage you to do so!) as well make your own and fascinate yourself with your awesome achievements in life 😉 .

Also don’t hesitate to post your own Impossible list in the comments, and inspire as and the others with your goals.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
― Lao Tzu

Current Focuses: 

  • Master in theoretical physics (for this semester: Classic electrodynamics and non-linear physics plus my thesis)
  • Lifting/ running
  • 3000kcal healthy bulking diet
  • Meditation, affirmations

Last completed goals:

  • Take a bachelor in Physics (September 2016)
  • Present my thesis in english, at big audience (July 2016)

Fitness & Health goals:

  • Run 5k  (proof)
  • Run 10k
  • Run a marathon
  • Do a Triathlon
  • Swim 1k
  • Run 100m dash in less than 11sec
  • Run a mountain race
  • Handstand with out wall for 5 sec
  • 100 push ups  (Currently: 25)
  • 50 pull ups  (Currently: 5)
  • 3min plank  (Currently: 1.50 min)
  • Deadlift 200kg (440lb)  (Currently: 100kg x5)
  • Bench press 100kg (220lb)  (Currently: 50kg x5)
  • Squat 120kg (260lb)  (Currently: 80kg x8)
  • Leg press 190kg  (Currently: 160kg x10)
  • Eat broccoli every second day for one month
  • Get a six pack and do a photo shoot to celebrate.
  • Get to 8% body fat! (Currently: On bulk with 14% body fat – not expected until summer 2017)
  • Reach genetics potential in lean muscle mass
  • Climb my first mountain
  • Meditate for 1 hour (Currently: 40 min)
  • Master zen
  • Master yoga

Professional Goals:

  • Get to a master in mathematics/ mathematical physics
  • Graduate from master on theoretical physics (Currently: Started Sept 2016- expected time Sept 2017)
  • Get to a PhD
  • Start my own website/blog (Currently: on the making!!)
  • Start a business
  • Start a youtube channel
  • Get 100.000 euro in my bank account
  • Get into a bachelor in physics (September 2010)
    • Get my bachelor in physics (September 2016)

Physics Goal:

  • Get PhD in theoretical physics
  • Become a professor at a University
  • Become a researcher at a University
  • Publish my first paper
  • Publish a solo paper
  • Get at least one award for my research
  • Master string theory
  • Master Quantum field theory
  • Master topology
  • Win Nobel prize !!

Habits Goals:

  • Do a squat challenge of 30min squat every day for 30 days
  • Do every day plank with adding at least 1 sec per day
  • Meditate for 20min every day for 3months (Currently: 51 days)
  • Do affirmations every day for 3months (Currently: 51 days)
  • Read 10 page of a non-physics/math book every day for 1 year
  • Cold shower for 1 month

Creative Goals:

  • Write a self-help book
  • Write a physics book
  • Learn to draw
  • Become a life-coach / fitness coach

Skill Goals:

  • Learn fluent Chinese, German , French, Russian
  • Learn Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Study neurobiology-medical science
  • Study Philosophy
  • Learn at least one martial art
  • Learn at least one dance (e.g. tango)
  • Master guitar ( e.g. Metallica Master Of Puppets solo)
  • Learn to play piano

OMG WOW Goals:

  • Do a skydive jump !
  • Get my first tattoo
  • Go camping
    • Go wild camping summer
    • Go wild camping winter
  • Go to an airport and buy a ticket without knowing where to go
  • Swim in every ocean of this planet [This is HUGE !]

Travel Goals:

  • Do a cross country road-trip and make a film about it!
  • Do a Euro-trip and make a film about it!
  • Do a round-the-world trip and make a film about it
  • Visit: 10 Countries | 20 Countries | 50 Countries | 100 Countries | 150 Countries | All The Countries (Current: 2)


  • Go without internet for 1 month
  • Go without a smart phone + pc + tv for 1 month
  • Go without electricity for 1 week

Life dreams:

  • Be self-sufficient, economical-independent and location-independent
  • Pay for personal coach
  • Meet RSD Tyler & Julien
  • Go to a meditation resort
  • Zen-monk style living in Tibet for 6 months
  • Do enlightenment work
  • Get a lovely Husky ❤
  • Buy a Harp / Piano
  • Get a yacht
  • Get a personal jet

Dream events:

  • Meet Nobel prise winners and fields award like Witten
  • String theory world committee
  • Theoretical physics summer schools
  • Aurora Borealis




“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 
― Anita Desai




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