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Hey there!

I’am Nikos. I’am very excited to have you here in my blog.
This blog is all about all YOU sneaky self developers you want to become the best/strongest version of yourself and want to archive HUGE things in your life.

I’am huge fan of self development, eternal self life learning and education. I have Bachelor’s degree in physics and I’m finishing my Master’s in theoretical physics and cosmology (oh yeah! There are amazing things coming up, I promise !!)

Before you dig in to my blogs and our discussions I want to state one thing.
I strongly believe that in order to fully self actualise and self develop yourself to fully archive your best growth and potential you have to be extremely open-minded and very spherical educated and to really have a deep philosophical interest about  all the things that make this reality, otherwise you can’t really expect to grow in to your big dreams (with at least the right and true identity) like becoming a millionaire, or archive a Nobel prize, or have great interment relationships with your wife , your children, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or have a great amazing fantastic life etc!

__/\/\/\/\_____  And of course nothing is impossible !!! _____/\/\/\/\___

Let this journey begin!